The following are general links to a number of webpages which have information about Regenerative Agriculture, or support Regenerative Agricultural principles.

The No Kill Cropping website giving detailed information about this Regenerative Agricultural practice:

Stress Free Stockmanship in Australia:

Revell Science is an independent provider of research and communication to link science and production.

The Australian behave consortium: 

BEHAVE is a research and outreach program that explores the principles of animal behavior. 

RIPPLE MULTIMEDIA. This is a multimedia production company that produces professional video productions in a number of fields, Regenerative Agriculture being one of these: 



The following are links to a number of sites and video channels which showcase Regenerative Agricultural stories

Regenerative Agriculture Vimeo Channel (produced by RIPPLE MULTIMEDIA)

Bruce Maynard's YouTube Channel

Stress Free Stockmanship videos on YouTube





The following article gives a detailed insight of how working with nature at Willydah has paid huge dividends and built resilience at every level.

The PDF of this article can be viewed by clicking on the link below. If you prefer to download the PDF file, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As.. " or "Save Link As.." and download it directly to a chosen location on your computer.

Link to PDF: Working with Nature at Willydah

 Page one of the PDF file is embedded below.

Working with nature at Willyday pg1

Page two of this PDF file is embedded below:

The article below gives an insight how Bruce has approached the planting and value of saltbush windbreaks on Willydah.

benefits of saltbush windbreaks


Below are some case studies which contain valuable insights into the Regenerative Agriculture as practiced by Bruce Maynard.

Working with nature at Willydah

The benefits of saltbush windbreaks